MACUA & WAMUA Advice Office (MWAO) Seek Applications for Non-Executive Directors –

Closing Date for applications 30 June 2020.

The MACUA/WAMUA Advice Office was formed on the Mandate of the MACUA/WAMUA Social Movement with the aim of establishing a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) which will be mandated to manage and submit applications to grant awarding bodies for appropriate funds for the MACUA and WAMUA Social Movements, to manage and account for such funds and to promote the interests of MACUA & WAMUA broadly.
MINING AFFECTED COMMUNITIES UNITED IN ACTION (MACUA) and Women Affected by Mining Untied in Action are Non-governmental, community based, united front of mining affected communities formed in response to the need to protect the integrity and interests of the people impacted by mining.
MACUA & WAMUA aim to provide a revolutionary platform where community, artisanal miners and mine workers struggles find common ground to build solidarity between our struggles in order to build a bottom – up democracy in which the needs of people are placed before the greed of profits.
MACUA will, with determination and consistency, associate with those who are excluded and marginalised, and will also join in solidarity, those struggles that defy or challenge unjust laws.

To be a powerful movement of mining-affected communities united around the empowerment of women, the disabled and youth, based on the Peoples Mining Charter, in pursuit of Economic, Environmental and Social Justice.
We seek to strengthen people living in poverty, especially women, and the communities affected by mining to build their determination, self-confidence and resistance skills. We seek to strengthen independent social groups, organisations and institutions of people living in poverty and affected by mining and to build unity across the sector. We aim to develop a Strategy Plan to support and build a network of mining affected communities as a social movement for change. To capacitate communities on environmental and socio-economic issues, for them to unleash, and advocate for themselves in engaging the government and multinational companies. To champion safe and environmentally friendly small-scale artisanal mining as a vehicle of economic, social and environmental justice.
In accordance with our governance practice, the Board of MWAO wishes to appoint four new non-executive directors.
MWAO invites interested and suitably qualified candidates to apply for the position of non-executive directors of the organisation. The appointed directors must demonstrate either an understanding or have experience in working with social movements and the intricacies of working with movements and be committed to promoting and defending the role of civil society, community organisations and activists in realising social, economic and environmental justice for the marginalised and excluded.

MWAO and its Board are committed to the highest standards of governance, and wishes to appoint a board of directors which has the appropriate balance of activism, knowledge, skills, experience, diversity and independence to enable it to discharge its governance roles and responsibility objectively and effectively.
Suitably qualified candidates with experience in one or more of the following areas of expertise, are encouraged to apply:

Financial management and audit requirements
Fundraising expertise and experience
Strategic communications and/or public relations
Board membership of non-profit companies
Academic credentials in the areas of public interest law and/or social justice law.
Black and women candidates, as well as candidates younger than 40, are strongly encouraged to apply for this post, and will be preferred.
Candidates must have a clear understanding of the fiduciary duties of a director, and demonstrate the following personal characteristics:
Integrity: Have experience in a position of trust requiring him or her to act in good faith, avoid conflicts of interest, and display the highest standards of honesty and integrity within and outside the organisation.
Independence: Be able to exercise judgment independently of any stakeholder outside of MWAO, and not occupy any political office (in any political party) or occupy a position in any sphere of government.
Competence: Be able to demonstrable practical knowledge and experience relevant to the role.
Non-executive director positions are not remunerated, but all reasonable and agreed travel expenses will be covered by the organisation. The position will also entail a comprehensive induction that includes training in best practices of non-profit organisation governance, as required.

To apply, please email with a brief explanation of your interest in and suitability for this role, as well as a copy of your CV, by 30 June 2020.
Please visit our website for more information on the organisation.