RE: Call on our members and communities to resist the temptation to join the looting and criminality which has been unleashed on the country

Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA) and Women Affected by Mining United in Action (WAMUA), as grassroots movements of communities affected by the worst structures of exploitation and who have been historically marginalized and excluded call on our members and communities to resist the temptation to join the looting and criminality which has been unleashed on the country.

We are more than aware of the daily struggles of communities who are excluded and who feel justified in expressing their anger at the entire system of exploitation and injustice.

While we stand at the forefront of the struggle for justice and equality, we reject the blatant criminality that is a hallmark of the current spate of looting and violence.

We reiterate, that no amount of random and indiscriminate looting and destruction will result in a more just society and that the only ones who ultimately benefit from such spontaneous violence are the criminals and the criminal syndicates and gangs, both the street gangs and the organized political gangs who hide under the cover of political parties.

We will not forget that it was under the leadership of Jacob Zuma that our communities were thrown to the wolves of corporate greed and who continue to exclude us from what is rightfully ours.

We will not forget that it was Jacob Zuma who refused to submit to the law and who called on his supporters to violently protect his criminality.

We reject criminality whether it is in the form of street gangs opportunistically exploiting the situation to loot and steal, or if it’s the organized political leaders who have systematically robbed and looted Billions from our country that should have been used to build our society and who through their criminal actions have left us in poverty.

We maintain that the true cause of the people’s anger is fueled by the inequality and discrimination of the current economic system and only organized actions through grassroots structures who are mandated through democratic structures, can lead us to justice and equality. Criminality and looting only serves to strengthen the big-time political looters and we call on all our members to remain disciplined at this time and to ensure that we are active in the community and directing their energy towards organized working-class structures.

Let’s not be deceived by the easy short term temptation of criminality…Now is the time to join a MACUA branch and build towards a real revolution.


Phanzi Criminals!!!

Phanzi Political Looters!!!




Forward to Peoples Power!!!

For further information please contact:

Meshack Mbangula – National Coordinator of MACUA: 0749775588

Gilbert Moela – Media Communication