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MACUA Condemns the blatant efforts by Anglo American Platinum to buy-off community activists.
In recent engagements with Anglo American Platinum, MACUA has come across a deeply concerning plot, to not only corrupt community activists, but also to weave a web of deception around it, when we enquired about the arrangement.
At first glance we were expecting our questions, which we put to AngloPlatinum, to be clarified without too much discrepancy, as it related to what appeared to be a straightforward community project, run by a mining company or their agents. Nothing strange there. Or so we thought.
But when the response from AngloPlat eventually came, it wove a tail that did not align to facts as we understood them.  
Our information suggests that the people who claimed to be MACUA representatives, met AngloPlat in November 2022, to discuss the mines compliance with its Social and Labour Plans for the community.
However, instead of discussing the mines compliance as part of a social audit, t was suggested, and agreed, that the supposed representatives of MACUA would submit a proposal to AngloPlatinum as part the “livelihoods and sustainability” projects of Anglo.
Our information further suggests that the proposal was submitted, and approved, and funds were channelled through the AngloPlatinum contractor, Reel Gardening.
We have further information that the persons claiming to be MACUA representatives, were employed by Reel Gardening to roll out a gardening project in the surrounding communities.
As part of the project, a pamphlet was produced, in which the name of MACUA was used, to either add legitimacy to the project, or to discredit the well-established position of MACUA, of not taking funds or collaborating with mining companies in this way.
MACUA is an activist organisation with a non-partisan and non-self-interested approach to demanding justice for communities.
As such, our leaders are encouraged to meet with mines to hold them to account for the greater good of the community, but our leaders are also prohibited from entering any kind of contract, agreement or relationship, that has the ability to undermine our altruistic character or which promotes self-serving behaviours.
Accordingly, we are deeply concerned at the attempt to evade the true nature of the relationship between Anglo and the people who claim to represent MACUA.
There is something deeply disturbing about a well-funded mining company going around communities and bribing community activists for their silence and acquiescence without
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having to publicly account for how the funds are spent, and who the funds were ultimately given to.
In something akin to a corrupt money laundering network, it would appear that mining companies have perfected the art of using contracted organisations and companies to “employ” or “award contracts” to community activists in deliberate efforts buy their acquiescence and silence.
We call on Anglo Platinum to immediately reveal the full extent of its dealings with Community activists in Rustenburg and to immediately ensure that open and transparent process are put in place for community projects and that its SLP commitments are made publicly available to the affected communities.
We call on all mining companies to refrain from operating in the dark, and to bring their so-called community development into the light, where the full extent of its failures can be exposed.
Let us be clear for all to hear…. OUR STRUGGLE IS NOT FOR SALE.
We will continue to reject the crumbs from the mining table, and we will continue to demand the fair and equitable share of the wealth for all, and especially for those who are directly impacted.
We will not accept a measly food garden when you are shipping off billions to foreign shores.
We Demand Justice not crumbs.
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