The Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA) is hosting its first inaugural summit to be attended by 300 community representatives from across South Africa. This Summit for and by grassroots communities is the first of its kind, where communities affected by mining activities will gather in one room to discuss and shed light on their challenges with mining companies across the country.
This Summit will provide a platform for stakeholders, activists, experts, and community leaders to discuss potential solutions. The Summit will feature informative panel discussions, keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. Prominent speakers from various fields, including academics, policymakers, activists, and community representatives, will participate in these discussions. The event will offer unique insights, generate meaningful discussions, and contribute to driving positive change.
The Summit will strongly call for a significant overhaul to the Mineral Resources Petroleum and Development Act (MPRDA) 28 of 2002. The law currently concentrates excessive power in the grips of the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) and benefits mining corporations at the expense of communities and the environment. MACUA seeks a radical change in the sector which aims to reshape power dynamics, prioritising the agency and well-being of communities and the environment over the profit-driven interests of both government and corporations. 
This Summit will be attended by, but not limited to, social justice organisations such as Corruption Watch, Centre for Child Law, Federation for a Sustainable Environment, ActionAid South Africa, Alternative Information and Development Centre, Treatment Action Campaign, Centre for Environmental Rights, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, Protect the West Coast, Social Policy Initiative, Open Society Foundations, Tshintsha Amakhaya,, Right2Know Campaign and more.
MACUA has also invited several political parties to listen to what the people have to say and to commit amending the MPRDA in the New Parliament they want our votes for. 
The following day, at least over 1 000 members and affected communities will march to handover a memorandum to DMRE in Pretoria. For accreditation, fill in the form no later than 2 Feb 2024. You can access the accreditation form in this link: Both events are scheduled as followed: 
MAC SUMMIT: (07 February 2024 at RH Hotel, Pretoria).
MARCH: (10h00 on 08 February 2024 from RH Hotel to DMRE offices in Pretoria).
For enquiries: Communications Assistant: Gilbert Moela/ +2779 777 6175/