Press Statement
MACUA Protests Outside PPC Dwaalboom Mine Following Betrayal of Affected Communities

Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA) strongly condemn the impudent and disturbing behaviour exhibited by the Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) Dwaalboom Mine towards marginalised and affected communities. 

Yesterday, PPC Dwaalboom mine brazenly reneged on its commitment, which was made after MACUA held a strike on 12 March to hold the mine accountable. PPC failed to fulfill the commitments outlined in the Social Labour Plans (SLP) that were established in 2019 and expired last year. Consequently, the strike aimed to compel PPC to adhere to the Mineral Petroleum Resources and Development Act.
In response to the strike, PPC pledged to include the affected communities of Kraalhoek, Mokgalaneng, Thabazimbi, Matlametlo, and Modikela in the consultation process scheduled for yesterday. However, the affected communities waited for hours while PPC resorted to warmongering tactics. Instead, PPC chose to selectively consult with a business forum, excluding the communities from decisions that directly impact their lives.
Companies like PPC Dwaalboom mine that violate human rights and regulations stipulated in the MPRDA must be held accountable. MACUA is well-acquainted with the unethical business practices and behaviour of mining companies, and our conscience refuses to let this go unchallenged.
As a result, the affected communities have chosen to exert pressure on the mine by disrupting its mining activities and blocking trucks from collecting minerals. This blockade will remain in place until PPC fulfils its promise to engage directly with the community and address the grievances raised in a transparent and accountable manner.
For media inquiries and further information, please contact:
Gilbert Moela, MACUA Communications Officer: 079 777 6175