About Macua

MINING AFFECTED COMMUNITIES UNITED IN ACTION is Non-governmental, community based, united front of mining affected communities formed in response to the need to protect the integrity and interests of the people impacted by mining.

MACUA is a radical movement aimed at raising the voice of communities who have not been consulted in the processes of allocating mining licenses, developing communities and in the distribution of mining rents and wealth, but who bear the brunt of the social, economic and environmental degradation and impacts of mining.

About Macua

MACUA aims to provide a revolutionary platform where community, artisanal miners and mine workers struggles find and build solidarity between our struggles in order to build a bottom – up democracy in which the needs of people are placed before the greed of profits.

MACUA will, with determination and consistency, associate with those who are excluded and marginalised, and will also join in solidarity, those struggles that defy or challenge unjust laws.

Aims & Objectives

In all our struggles against colonialism and Apartheid we have struggled for these and have insisted that no authority is greater than the will of the people. We have consistently told all the past rulers, that there can be nothing about us, without us.

To Choose For Ourselves

To choose for ourselves both our own developmental paths, and to participate in all decision making and manage or co-manage the utilization of our resources if we so choose.

Extractives / Mining Rights

To reaffirm that it is the peoples, specifically occupiers of the land`s, fundamental right to decide if any extractives / mining can take place on their land or not.

Eradication Of Imperialism

To participate in the worldwide struggle for the complete eradication of imperialism, colonialism, racism and all other forms of discrimination.

To Mobilize And Build Movements

To mobilize and build movements, coalitions and networks that will pool our resources and protect our integrity as people of the soil against non-community inclusive mining activities.

Ensure Government transparency

To ensure that government and corporations provide mining-affected communities with transparent information and processes.

Human & Environmental Rights

To oppose any corporation that has a track record of violating labour, human and environmental rights anywhere in the world.

Chapter Nine Institution

To work with chapter nine institution of the republic in ensuring the inherent dignity of the affected community in mining.

To Oppose Non-Transparent Communities

To oppose any company that does not have a transparent community-driven process of negotiation this has at its core the principles of Free Prior and Informed Consent.

Grievance Or Redress Policy

To ensure inclusion in the Law, of an independent, accessible, speedy and effective grievance or redress policy and mechanism to address community concerns throughout the mining /extractive processes.

End Unconstitutional Exclusion

To end the unconstitutional exclusion of mining-affected communities in having a direct say in the governance of their lives.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

MACUA will champion a safe and environmentally friendly on artisanal mining.

To Strengthen The Voice Of Women

To strengthen the voice of woman in mining affected communities so that women play a more active role in influencing and deciding on their livelihoods for purposes of improving their living and working conditions.

Vision & Mission

To be a powerful movement of mining-affected communities united around the empowerment of women, the disabled and youth, based on the Peoples Mining Charter, in pursuit of Economic, Environmental and Social Justice.

We seek to strengthen people living in poverty, especially women, and the communities affected by mining to build their determination, self-confidence and resistance skills. We seek to strengthen independent social groups, organisations and institutions of people living in poverty and affected by mining and to build unity across the sector. We aim to develop a Strategy Plan to support and build a network of mining affected communities as a social movement for change. To capacitate communities on environmental and socio-economic issues, for them to unleash, and advocate for themselves in engaging the government and multinational companies. To champion safe and environmentally friendly small-scale artisanal mining as a vehicle of economic, social and environmental justice.

Principles and Core Values

MACUA & WAMUA hold the following Values dear and seeks to embody these values in everything we do:

Pursue Economic, Environmental and Social Justice.

Practice Participatory Democracy and inclusive decision making.

Promote Respect for Human Rights.

Promote Respect for Women’s Rights.

Encourage Solidarity with the working class, the poor and those affected by mining.

Promote Respect for Cultural Diversity.

Work towards Equitable Sustainable Development.

Always place People Before Profits.

Organise through Non Partisanship.

Organise and promote Non Sectarianism.

“I joined MACUA in 2018 and since joining the movement I have learned how to advocate for environmental and Socio-economic rights in my community also to resolve conflicts within my branch. MACUA has help us fight mining companies in Phola through their Capacity Building Workshops and Community Mobilization Workshops”

Millicent Shongube

Phola Branch

“I joined the organization in 2016 and established a branch in 2019. Iwas elected Branch Coordinator. Being an activist has always been my passion because it is something that I spotted during my high school days. Joining MACUA has helped shape my activism in mining and environmental rights. With MACUA I believe mining affected communities will be emancipated from the struggles of mining companies”

Siwela Maureen Seshoka

Mokopane Branch

“I have been a member of MACUA since 2015 and started being active as branch coordinator in the year 2019. With MACUA I have learned how to build strong branch, how to handle conflict with team and the branch and how to do community profiling”

Tokelo Mahlakoane

Sekhukhune Branch

“Because of the struggle to emancipate all mining affected communities on issues of social and Labour plan I joined MACUA. I also joined the movement because I wanted to learn and understand mode of operation and the legislation that deals with the rights of mining affected communities”

Bongani Jonas

Rand West City

Organisational Leadership

Meshack Mbangula

National Coordinator
No. 074 9775 588

Tebogo Mashale

National Organizer

Gift Radebe

Deputy Secretary

Nicholas Legodi

National Treasurer

Maureen Seshoka

WAMUA National Coordinator


WAMUA Leadership

Mpho Nkawana

National Secretary 

Our Staff

Christopher Rutledge

Executive Director
No. 0827843333

Fatima Vally

Director – Programmes
No. 0768383038

Sabelo Mnguni

Branch Administrator
No. 0832695705
Email: branch.admin@macua.org.za

Gilbert Moela

Media and Communications Assistant
No. 0797776175

Nomakhosazana Nomnqa

Office Administrator
No. 0727125901
Email: field.support@macua.org.za


Phyllia Ngoatje

Head of the Paralegal Unit
No. 0713629365
Email: legal.phyllia@macua.org.za

Zinhle Mdlovu

Finance Officer
No. –
Email: finance@macua.org.za