Covid-19 Response

South Africa has roughly 58 million people living in 17 million households. About 1000 households are added to this number every day. More than 20 million people are living in households that regularly run out of food before the end of the month and go to bed without a meal at least once a week in South Africa today.  The majority of our community’s live in desperate poverty and the Covid-19 Lock Down is set to multiply the misery experienced by so many south Africans.

As MACUA/WAMUA we have undertaken to use our branch network to run soup kitchens to support the most vulnerable in our communities along the following lines:

  1. Each Branch will undertake a process of social mapping that will identify the most vulnerable who are in need of support.
  2. To Provide food, emotional support and assistance care to the vulnerable identified.
  3. To use the food distribution to inform about safe practises and social distancing.

Please donate and support our efforts to protect the most vulnerable during these uncertain times.


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