Nothing About Us, Without Us!


MACUA is Non-governmental, community-based, united front of mining-affected communities formed in response to the need to protect the integrity and interests of the people impacted by mining.


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vision & Mission

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Aims & Ojectives

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Welcome to MACUA

Nothing About Us, Without Us!

Since its inception in 2012, Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA) has presented a formidable point of opposition against the toxic alliance between mining companies and the government in South Africa.

In the movement’s young history, there is a critical opportunity to evaluate to role that MACUA has played in the country’s mining sector.

Developed and Informed by the collective memory of MACUA members, this brief outline of MACUA`s development aims to narrate the phases of the movement illustrating the most memorable events and pressing challenges internally and externally.


Principles and Core Values

MACUA aims to provide a revolutionary platform where community, artisanal miners and mine workers struggles find and build solidarity between our struggles in order to build a bottom-up democracy in which the needs of people are placed before the greed of profits.

In all our struggles against colonialism and Apartheid we have struggled for these and have insisted that no authority is greater than the will of the people. We have consistently told all the past rulers, that there can be nothing about us, without us.

Respect for Human Rights

Participatory Democracy and inclusive decision making

Solidarity with the working class, the poor and those affected by mining.

People Before Profits

Economic, Environmental and Social Justice

Promotion and Respect for Women’s Rights

To be a powerful movement of mining-affected communities united around the concept of the Peoples Mining Charter premised on Economic, Environmental and Social Justice.

"We need to fight for more regulations to stop mining companies destroying the environment, exploiting workers and carrying out human rights abuses. But these abuses will not stop as long as profit remains the driving force for the mining industry."

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